Applying online
    Can I buy the policies online  
      Yes, this is the most preferred way to purchase travel policies.  
    Will I get instant quote  
      Yes you will be able to get a quote instantly  
    Will I get instant approval and ID card  
      Yes, once you have purchased the policy online, you will get instant approval and ID card issued on the screen. Second ID card is emailed to you as well.  
    Will I be buying it directly from the insurance company  
      Yes, you will be buying the policy directly from the insurance company. That is why you get the instant ID card issued upon purchasing the policy.  
    What value your site brings if I am directly buying from insurance company  
      We work for our clients and not for the insurance companies. We provide all the plans to you on one site and help you decide the best policy for. Also due to our working relationship with the insurance companies we are able to get the things done for you much quickly.  
    Will I pay more if buying your or any other site  
      No. Insurance is a regulated industry and the same policy will not cost more or less weather you are buying from our site or any other site.  
    What information I need to buy travel insurance on behalf of the visitors  
      For buying the policy you need name of the travelers, their date of birth, their passport numbers, their home country address and travel dates.  
    Can I still purchase the policy if I don't have the passport numbers of the travelers  
      Yes, you can still purchase the policy online by putting in any value in the passport field. Once you have actual passport number available, you can email the passport number with the policy number and we will update it in the system.  
    How can I provide the ID card to the travelers  
      Once you purchase a policy, an ID card is emailed to you and you can forward it to the travelers.  
    What effective date should I put on the application  
      The effective date should be the date of the departure from home country.  
    Is the site secure to accept credit cards  
      Yes, the site is secure and accepts all major credit & debit cards.  
    Will my information be secure  
      Insurance is a regulated industry and we cannot sell or provide your information to any other entity. Also due to HIPAA privacy law your information is only accessible to the right people only.  
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