Co-insurance Plans
    Why people prefer Co-insurance plans  
      We have seen that people prefer co-insurance plans due to peace of mind, coverage limits and optional pre-ex condition coverage.  
    Is the medical coverage per incident or policy period  
      These plans generally allow you to purchase coverage up to $1M, so the medical coverage amount is for the entire policy period.  
    Does the deductible and medical coverage amount starts again when I renew the policy  
      No. As long as you renew the policy prior to the expiry date, the deductible and medical coverage amount will roll over and continue without having to start it again.  
    What is the coverage for a visitor who is 80+  
      Majority co-insurance plans limits the medical coverage to either $10K or $15K for travelers who are 80 or above.  
    What is co-insurance  
      This is a stage of the plan where the claims are paid by the insured and insurance company according to a %age. That is the reason it is called co-insurance, since two parties are paying the covered claim.  
    When does co-insurance phase of the plan kick in  
      Co-insurance phase starts after the deductible has been paid by the insured.  
    When will I stop paying the co-insurance  
      Based on the plan you have enrolled in, the co-insurance phase can be as little as up to first $5000 medical bills or as high as a %age of total bill till the medical maximum.
    Is the plan renewable  
      Yes majority of these plans are renewable online, as long as the original policy has not expired.  
    Can I purchase the policy on behalf of someone else  
      Yes you can purchase on behalf of someone else and pay by your credit card.  
    Will the policy cover trip to Europe or Canada  
      Most co-insurance plans covers a person traveling anywhere outside his home country, so the visits to Europe and Canada will be covered.  
    Is there pre-existing medical coverage available under co-insurance plans  
      Yes, Atlas Series plan provide limited pre-existing medical condition coverage for visitors traveling to USA. For more details please visit the Visitors Insurance (pre-ex coverage plans) tab on the home page.  
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